Our Industry Affiliations

We know that membership in the associations that have our clients' best interest at heart is an integral and necessary part of our being able to do the best job for our clients. There is no better way to keep informed of the latest developments that affect our customers than membership in our national associations. In addition, each of the associations requires that members subscribe to strict codes of ethics, something that gives our clients extra assurance that we are going to be acting at all times in their best interest. 


With over 10,000 licensed agents in the Washington D.C. Metro area, why choose the Hammond Agency?

  • Less than 650 or .65% of these licensed agents are members in good standing with the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. The Hammond Agency has four NAIFA members.
  • Only 20 licensed agents have served as President of NVAIFA in the past 20 years. Presidents of NVAIFA are chosen by their peers to lead the association during one full year. Karen Hammond at the Hammond Agency is one of those.
  • Less than 250 or .25% of these licensed agents are members of the Million Dollar Round Table*, which membership comprises the top ten percent of insurance advisors around the world. The Hammond Agency has 3 MDRT members.
  • Less than 300 or .30% of these licensed agents are members of the Society of Financial Professionals – The Hammond Agency has 2 Society Members. Less than 50 of those in the past ten years are elected board members of the Society, chosen by their peers to serve for two years. Karen Hammond is one of those.


* Members qualify for the Million Dollar Roundtable (MDRT) based on meeting a certain level of premium, commission or income during the year in addition to meeting ethical standards. This award is not representative of actual client experiences or outcomes, and is not indicative of any past, present, or future investment performance.